Rückwärts - presented again at TANZTENDENZEN GREIFSWALD 2010


17/10/2012 Melbourne (AU)



02+03+04/08/2012 Berlin (DE)

Dock 11


20/10/2010 Greifswald (DE)

Tanztendenzen Festival

Theater Vorpommern


19/06/2010 Bremen (DE)

Steptext dance....project



29/08/2009 Berlin (DE)

28/08/2009 Premiere

Tanz im August



Trailer Rückwärts August 2009 @ tanzforum.de

We all possess habits and memories that we hold dear, as well as others that we would rather change or forget. In her solo work Rückwärts (Backwards), Renate Graziadei examines memories from the last ten years of her artistic career. She returns to situations that have formed her style of movement and her body memory, and that have left clear traces in the aesthetic of her language of movement. Graziadei interprets old habits of movement and intense corporeal experiences in a new light. She creates situations that place her in unfamiliar physical states and the audience can expirience it with her.


Concept/Dance/Choreography: Renate Graziadei
Dramaturgy: Arthur Stäldi
Music: Ralf Krause
Light: Lutz Deppe
Costumes: Margaretha Heller


The premiere was presented by Sasha Waltz & Guests as part of the festival Tanz im August – Internationales Tanzfest Berlin 2009 at Radialsytem V.


Rückwärts is produced by Sasha Waltz & Guests and LaborGras with funding from the “Choreographen der Zukunft” programme to promote young choreographers, the chief sponsor of which is BASF SE.

Sasha Waltz & Guests. receive financial support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.