Saturday February 19th, 17:00

Residence N°8 Open Door

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Maya Lipsker, Sandra Lolax, Roy Carroll

Residence N°8

The Instrument (work in progress)
A rumination on sound and movement and the connections between them through primal observations, detailed compositions, radical states of mind and ecstatic conditions. The idea of a transformable instrument is the core of our physical research and study of rhythms, forms and intentions.
The Instrument presentation is based on an early research with Melissa Cisneros, Sandra Lolax, Maya Lipsker and Roy Carroll.


Maya Lipsker, born in1976 in Israel and raised in Haifa. Started her professional dance study and performing in Muza Dance Company in Tel Aviv (1997-2000). Danced 3 years in Batsheva-Ensemble Dance Company in Israel (2000-2003). Danced for choreographer Lara Barsaq in Israel and Europe (1999-2004). In November 2004 was invited to participate "Research Project" with Sasha Waltz and Guests and stayed in Berlin since then. Today Maya is active as an independent choreographer, dancer and contemporary dance teacher and is based in Berlin. Received artistic residencies: Dock11 Berlin, Labor Gras studio Berlin, Kinitiras Studio Athens, Random Collision residecy Groningen Holland, George Apostu Center Bacau Romania- to name a few, and was invited to be guest choreographer and create works for theater dance companies all over Europe. Her choreographic work traveled and performed in Israel, Germany, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland and Austria. Since she is based in Europe Maya is teaching contemporary dance classes and workshops in dance companies,  (Tanztheater Osnabrueck, PVC Dance Company, Ballet Vorpommern, Goerlitz Tanz company) studios, schools and academies for dance education in Europe (Ernst Busch College, UDK-dance, choreography and concept studies),SEAD (Experimental Academy of Dance) Balance School, Danceworks Berlin and others.


Sandra Lolax was born and raised in Vaasa, Finland. She started her dance studies at  Kuula-institute in Vaasa and continued her dance education at Balettakademien in Stockholm. Since her graduation in 2007, she has been working freelance as an artist with her  base in Vaasa and Berlin. Sandra has worked as a dancer with choreographers as Carl Knif, Mia Malviniemi, Stina Nyberg, Rosalind Goldberg, Marcela Donato  and Anne Mareike Hess. She  performed in the work Nijinsky by director Miriam Horwitz in Berlin 2010. Sandra participated in the Solo Performance Commissioning Project by Deborah Hay in 2010. The solo Art and Life will premiere in Vaasa, Finland in spring 2011. Together with Stina Nyberg and Rosalind Goldberg, Sandra is an initiator of  Weapons of Mass production, a project about finding new methods of creating dance and choreography that took place in residency at The modern dance theater in Stockholm in June 2010.  Weapons of Mass Production will develop into a performance with estimated premiere in Berlin in July 2011.


Roy Carroll is a composer / performer born in Dublin, currently living in Berlin. His primary instrument for composition and performance is the sampler, which he attempts to use as an 'electro-acoustic' instrument. Quickly responsive and capable of wide dynamic range with subtle control on a micro level (acoustic), while having the very wide timbral diversity and complex parameter control associated with electronics. In 2009 he began to work directly with loudspeakers removed from their cabinets, manipulating them and 'preparing' them with various textured materials, resonant objects etc. In addition to their function as outlet for the audio signal from a sampler loaded with microscopically recorded acoustic sound, DIY audio accidents, interior field recordings etc., the loudspeakers become acoustic sound sources in their own right. Roy works physically with the loudspeakers, approaching them as acoustic instruments, - 'preparing' them and provoking kinetic interactions with the salvaged materials. Roy has collaborated extensively with choreographer Maya Lipsker, (nine projects since 2006). He is currently working on commissions for Icebreaker (UK), classical guitarist Ben Dwyer, the Dublin Guitar Quartet, and Prey Woodwind Trio. Roy has received numerous awards and grants including Composer’s Bursaries, Project Awards and Commissions from The Arts Council of Ireland.