Residence N°1 Open Door

Friday August 13th, 17:30

Residence N°7 Open Door

free entrance

Luis Lara Malvacias

Luis Lara Malvacias

Residence N°7

In this multidisciplinary event I will look into issues of displacement, immigration, adaptation, and memories, and will present reflections that in many ways amount to an autobiographical meditation. The piece will be developed around a furnished space, created to represent a “multi-layered living space”. The dance will make reference to the constant changes of environment and situations that displaced people have to experience in their everyday life. The notion of displacement, and the experience of immigration - separation, home, transition, the sense of shock as well as the pleasure of the new experience competing with the old - are constant stories that exist all around us. The demand for integration, and the urgency to learn a new language, are some of the struggles that displaced people have to experience when adapting to a new culture. For these reasons, language (Danish, English, German and Spanish) will be used as a structural vehicle in the development of the piece.These are some of the questions that we will be addressing during the process of creation of this work.

Concept/Idea: Luis Lara Malvacias
Performer: Luis Lara Malvacias, Manuel Alfonso Pérez Torres, Meredith Bove, Zinzi Buchanan, Ivo Bohl