adLibdances - Kat Válastur

Friday June 11th, 18:00

Residence N°5 Open Door

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Maya Lipsker, Malgven Gerbes, David Brandstätter, Roy Carroll

adLibdances - Kat Válastur

Residence N°5 - "Oh! deep sea- corpus I"

Choreographed by : Kat Válastur
Dramaturgy: Nikos Flessas, Nikos Kamontos
Light designer: Nysos Vasilopoulos
Original music score by Antonis Anissegos
Choreographer's assistant: Kiriakos Hadjiioannou
Set designer: Teresa Hahn
Costume designer: Sasa Kovacevic
Performed by: Laura Lozza, Ligia Manuela Luis, Kat Válastur

The current project is inspired by Homer's " Odyssey" and is a part of a long term project  under the title " Oh! deep sea". My proposal  is based on one of the  " Odyssey's" episodes, in which Ulysses meets Calypso. The representation of the episode though is not my intention, my concern is focused more on the detection  and investigation  of the episode in order for the social  archetypes to be revealed. I would be interested in researching upon those  archetypes and their links with movement, behaviour, gestures.

In order to be guided towards a result, I will follow a method based on principals I am working on the last two years. This method is based on three principal steps:
1) The selection of a basic movement
2) The intervention upon the basic movenment in order to be transformed
3) The research of an idiosyncratic movement in the context of dance and its representation.
By following this method I will try to bring those archetypes in form, by elevating   questions about their relation to todays society.

Through movement and having the body as my basic and structural tool I will try to express the following:
1) How can memory be danced without being descriptive
2) what is the meaning of trace in narration and how can it  be used in dance
3) What is the role of history  in exploring  space and time?

I feel" Odessey" as  "a journey which pass through space but breaks though  time". Through this project I will try to explore the possibilities of the human body  in a field made of  an  expanding, repetitional, condensed, accelerating, twisting narrative time.

The work  inspired by the episode were Ulysses meets Calypso " Oh! deep sea -corpus I" is Choreographed by Kat Válastur and performed by: Ligia Luis, Laura Lozza and Kat Válastur.

"Oh! deep sea -corpus I" will premiere at the Athens festival on July 12th and 13th 2010.


Katerina Papageorgiou was born in Athens. Recently she started signing  her works as Kat Válastur, inspired by the names of both her parents ( Valaora, old family name of her Father and Sturnara name of her Mother). After studying as a dancer at the Hellenic School of Dance she continued her studies at Trisha Brown Studio in New York on 2000, as she was awarded with a full scholarship by the Fulbright Foundation. Since 2009 she obtains  a Masters in solo/Dance/Authorship from Universität der Künste Berlin. As a dancer she has collaborated with Dimitris Papaioannou in Edafos Dance Theatre productions and at the 2004 Olympic Games opening ceremony as well as with Konstantinos Rigos, artistic director of Oktana Dance Theatre. In 2001 she founded the group adLibdances. The work of the company is motivated by the essential question "what is left to be danced?", a question which arises a number of issues related to contemporary dance in the context of contemporary society. The desire to diverge from the normalising forms of dance history place her into the avant-guarde scene with works that reveal a ritualistic character. Her latest pieces - "Wonderful Rooms", "What scratches the glass from the inside", "Lang" and "So many Gens Dark" - investigate the solo as form and the multiplicity of its reflection in performative art.

She has participated in festivals including Tanz im August (2008), Aerowaves (2009), Athens Festival (2008), Kalamata International Dance festival (2009), Madrid en Danza Festival (2009). She has received the Jermila Jerabkova Choreography Award for her solo "What scratches the glass from the inside" at the New Europe Festival in Prague (2007). She has collaborated with the director Yorgos Lanthimos in videodance film productions. Their work "the Date" officially represented Greece at the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean in Sarajevo (2001). Her work "9:00 am", co-produced with videoDance festival 2001, won the project/ exchange competition and was shown in major festivals. Since 2007 she is based in Berlin.


Laura Lozza was born in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. Daughter of Américo Ambrosio Lozza and Mónica Dal Molin.  She graduated from Bahía Blanca Provintial School of Dance, as a ballet dancer in 1998 and from the contemporary dance program studies in 2000.  In 2001 moved to Buenos Aires where she worked as freelance performer with different choreographers, dancing in Argentina, Chile, Brasil and Bolivia. She worked in La Compañía for two years.  In 2007, she received the national scholarship from the National Founds of Arts and in 2009 a grant to create a solo piece from PRODANZA, the Institute for the Promotion of Non Official Dance Activity in Buenos Aires. At the moment she lives and works in Berlin.


Ligia Manuela Lewis is a dancer based in Berlin with recent engagements with Les Ballets C de la B (BE), collaborations with her family LEWISFOREVER and a her own solo practice.  She received her formal dance training from Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) and since moving to Europe has been active in the free scene.  She was recently awarded the DanceWEB scholarship (AU) for 2010.  This is Ligia's first production with adLibdances.