Studio LaborGras - Residence N°15 - Open Door with Andy Zondag

Andy Zondag, Stefan Kirchhoff, Florian Wessels

Residence N°15 Open Door

Thursday April 19th, 18:00

free entrance

Studio LaborGras - Residence N°15 - Open Door with Andy Zondag

Residence N°15 - Andy Zondag (Dance), Stefan Kirchhoff (Music), Florian Wessels (Dramaturgy)

For two weeks we want to take the freedom to try out ideas, to question them and to put them into a context. Instead of concentrating on a finished project the process itself the centre of our interest.

Andy Zondag was born in 1981. From 2002 to 2006 he studied dance at “Folkwang Hochschule Essen. 2005 he participated at „danceWEB Europe Scholarship Programme for Contemporary Dance“ in Vienna. After finishing his studies he joined the company "Folkwang Tanzstudio" Since 2006 he is a guest dancer in "The rite of spring" for "Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch". He worked with Choreopraphers like Susanne Linke, Rasmus Ölme, Germàn Jàuregui, David Zambrano and huber&christen He is constantly working with the artist collectives "UnusualSymptoms/Samir Akika" (Essen) He lives and works as a freelance artist
between Berlin and Havana (Cuba)

Stefan Kirchhoff born in 1986. With a prepared guitar, electronic, loops and percussion I create dark soundscapes between Noise, free improvisation and Ambient. The influence of Punk, Rock and Hip Hop is as important for me as performance-art and New Music.

Florian Wessels, born in Bremen in 1980. Until the first experiences with theatre on the best way into theoretical physics. Eversince diverse projects between classic form and performance in different cities, venues and theatre groups. Slam-poetry-master Bremen 1999. 2002 study of theatre and comparitive literature. 2010 nomaddanceacademy travelling through the Balkan area. Since then working on own creations.