LaborGras - Residence-N12-Shai Faran

Residence N°12 Open Door

Monday Ocotber 17th, 18:00

free entrance

Shai Faran

Residence N°12

Choreography and Idea: Shai Faran
Dancers: Marcio Canabarro, Zoltan Vakulya and Shiran Eliaserov.


How do different people translate the same information?
What is affecting on this translation?
What is the information?
Why do different bodies work with the same input and get a different result?

I started by exploring how to move my body from the inside and from the outside in the same time to different ways and directions. Trying to isolate these two parts from each-other while working with both. Finding ways to listen to both and by that moving myself into places I didn’t knew. As I did this I decided to leave myself, as a person and as a dancer “out of the game”, and let my body do its own thing. The body is well educated; it can do a lot by itself. But what is influencing the decisions that the body is making? What is in our body and what is in our brain? What does the body knows and what do we decide?

During the residence at the Studio LaborGras we are going to explore how a group of four people with different backgrounds, education, origin, sex and bodies, also divided into groups with common influences, is working with the same information and then see how that is influencing the out coming product of it.

This information will change according to how the body moves in different ways, letting the body work by itself, dealing with the experiences from our past and researching the different informations that are relevant for the different groups inside the group.