Residence N°1 Open Door

Friday September 25th 18:00

Residence N°1 Open Door

free entrance

Maya Lipsker, Malgven Gerbes, David Brandstätter, Roy Carroll

Residence N°1

For this residency we have decided to enforce an encounter between artists from very different points of departure. Departing from a projection of the perfect dancer in us we will set up material which will be reworked several times using a variety of obstacles, in order to challenge our desire for aesthetic perfection and to discover the potential of our imperfections. Each participant of this project comes from a different background while sharing strongly developed individual aesthetic identities. We will use this model to clash with one another in order to find links and new perspectives on each other's and our own work.
Collaborative structure with: Maya Lipsker, Malgven Gerbes, David Brandstaetter (performers), Roy (composer).

Schedule draft:

1st week:
-1st day: selection of choreographic materials for each dancer extracted from previous works.

-2nd day: creation of “perfect dancers solos” of 2 minutes for each dancer, using selected based materials and using the feedbacks of the others based on common points of appreciations. Each one defines the other’s qualities and what he wants to change in the others. That’s the base to generate obstructions.
David has the desire to concentrate on generating obstructions for the performers (Maya and Malgven). Roy also creates a music/sound solo. It is an accompaniment with also obstructions.

-3rd day: technical encounter with the music and materials.
For each set of obstructions we will take 2 days:

-4th and 5th day: 1st “5 obstructions”.

-6th and 7th day: 2nd “5 obstructions”.

In between week 1 & 2, reflexion time to know how to structure the performance, regarding the presentation of the working process implying challenges.

2nd week:
We do 3 more set of obstructions until day 6. Day 5 and 6 we summarize all of them in a performance.
David receive the last 3 days obstructions from the others to make a piece structure.

1-If we want to make  a duet; it could be at the last obstructions’ phase to make it.

2-Beauty is in:
-the completion, integrity of the performers
-the vulnerability and challenge of the performers dealing with those obstructions, and the activity of coping with something.
-in the sincere exchange

3-Humor is in:
-the distance of the person's history and capacity in relationship with what he has to accomplish.