Studio laborgras presents The Instrument & Maya Weinberg with While House

May 10th, 20:00 h

Studio laborgras presents
The Instrument & Maya Weinberg with While House

Choreography & Dance:
Maya M. Carroll & Maya Weinberg

Roy Carroll

Arthur Stäldi

Tickets: 10/5 sliding scale
Ticketreservation: 030 69505183

While House 

a collaboration of The Instrument and Maya Weinberg

Two in a room, installing their physical state in a private and mutual territory. Storage spaces carry a craving for containing. Wild meets tamed, survival meets the need for stability. The longing for an order reveals a 'living-room-nature', raising questions about how and to what extent we engineer our environment.

While House attempts to lay 'wild-nature' and 'domestic-nature' side by side and expose the beauty, singularity and poesy of contrast, posing ethical / aesthetic questions about self-acculturation and coexistence.


While House was presented as 'work in progress' in Ausland Berlin, April 11th 2014, as part of the series Place Rhythm. Pulse , in collaboration with Sarah Marguier as a lights designer.

The Instrument is a research vehicle, standing for the work and creation of choreographer, dancer and teacher Maya M. Carroll. It is based on her independent as well as collaborative work with the composer / musician Roy Carroll. Since 2006 Maya and Roy have been constantly developing their exchange, integrating several other artists and collaborators and have created over ten pieces together. Collectively and separately - Maya and Roy´s diverse activities encompass choreographic/composed work, immprovisation-based group performance, sound/scenographic installation and set/costume/visual art design.

Maya M. Carroll

Maya M. Carroll is a Berlin based choreographer, dancer and teacher. Her independent work began in 2004 in Israel, and continues in Berlin and Europe since 2005. As a dancer she has worked with BatSheva Company, Lara Barsacq, Arkadi Zeides ,Sasha Waltz and Guests and Julyen Hamilton to name a few. Working as a choreographer and teacher all over Germany and Europe she has been making dances and performing her work in state theaters, independent venues and alternative spaces. Maya's work evolves from the tension and interplay between reality and fantasy while reflecting on radical human conditions and relationships. Sound, images, poetry and music speak through the body and articulate narratives and emotional realms. Her physical work detects details, hunts for beauty and survival. In 2011 Maya formed The Instrument – an artistic structure standing for her independent and collaborative work with composer Roy Carroll.

Roy Carroll

Roy Carroll is a composer / musician born in Dublin, living in Berlin, making performances, recordings and compositions. His current / recent work explores the physicality of music through provoking kinetic interactions between materials such as denuded loudspeakers, resonant objects, textured materials, feedback loops, the moving body, acoustic spaces, - instability as a creative prerogative even. His compositional work is similarly focused, but with some consideration for repeatability. Roy has collaborated extensively with Maya M Carroll / The Instrument since 2006.

Maya Weinberg is a choreographer, dancer and a teacher based in Berlin since 2013.  She worked with Yasmeen Godder Company for 8 years and since 2008 has produced her own work, often collaborating with dance, video-art and performance artists such as:  Keren Ida Nathan, Iris Erez and Orless Hadari.  Her work raises basic questions about the medium of performance while offering unexpected ways of dealing with the tragic-comic gap that exists betweens language and unexpressed intentions.  Her last piece "If It´s Fun," a collaboration with the choreographer Lee Meir, premiered in January 2014 during the Tanztage Festival in Berlin in Sophiensaele.