Karin Wickenhäuser

Friday July 1st, 19:30

Residence N°10 Open Door

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Karin Wickenhäuser

Residence N°10

Dialogues: Manuel and Manuel/ Teresa und Lena – work in progress

Idea/Choreography: Karin Wickenhäuser
Assistance: Jürgen Albert
Dance: Lena Meierkord, Teresa Mann, Manuel Lünstroth, Manuel Pérez Torres

This is an ongoing research for a project with dancers and non-professional dancers with physical or mental challenges.

Last year we started to work with Manuel and Manuel.
Because of his spastic pattern Manuel Lünstroth is moving in a very explosive and expressive way – his partner Manuel Pérez is taking this energy, relating, transforming, contrasting. Both play with physical sensations, finding new movement possibilities and taking the limitation as a quality. Their dance developes into a duet, in which they are both blind.

In January 2011 we started to rehearse with Teresa and Lena. Teresa, a 16 year old teenager, is autistic since birth and loves to dance. Working with concrete actions, using props and costumes, we try to develop rituals and games, in which there is space for unpredictable things. Lena and Teresa are using simple tasks such as leading and following, manipulating and being moved. In the process we explore ways to create material. 

This is a first try to put both duets together and we are curious how this will work.  

Manuel Alfonso Pérez Torres was born in Venezuela and studied dance at Instituto Superior de Danza de Caracas. He was a member of the Venezuelan Dance Companies Acción Colectiva (1992-1993) and Espacio Alterno (1994-1997). Since 1998 he resides in Europe working as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Manuel Pérez Torres also works as a yoga teacher. As guest of Sasha Waltz & Guests he danced in „Insideout“ , „Dido & Aeneas“ and various projects by Sasha Waltz.

Manuel Lünstroth studied social work at Münster and took his degree in 2005. Since 2009 he is working as a programmer at Mobidat. He was performing in 4 theatre pieces with the ensemble of „Spastikerhilfe Berlin e.V.“, directed by Christine Vogt: „Waiting for Godot“, „Five short pieces about love“ and „Yvonne, princess from Tempelhof“ among others. By that he discovered his love for dance. Since March 2010 he is dancing with Manuel Pérez Torres.

Lena Soon-hee Meierkord, born in Seoul,  completed her studies in dance at P.A.R.T.S /Bruxelles in 2002. She worked and collaborated with Cie Toula Limnaios, Karine Ponties/LOD, LaborGras, Laurie Young/ Sasha Waltz&Guests, Tamer Yigit, Irina Pauls, Jo Fabian among others. She received a scholarship from the city  of Berlin and was invited as Artist in Residence to Switzerland, France and various places in Germany. Her own work (making of) District was shown at Tanztage/Sophiensaele Berlin, Schwankhalle Bremen,  Dock 11 Berlin, Seoul International Dance Festival, pad Mainz, IETM Berlin 2009. Since 2009 she also teaches German at the University for Contemporary dance/HZT Berlin. 

Teresa Mann was born with an autistic desease and is now sixteen. She is very interested in movement and dance and since 2 years she is taking ballet classes with 3 other girls of her school. Because Teresa loves to be on stage, she was looking for a dance or theater group.

Karin Wickenhäuser is working as a choreographer, dancer and teacher for contemporary dance. She finished her studies in choreography at Ernst Busch in 2004. Among others she worked with Mark Tompkins, Group Motion and Lubricat. Her choreographic work was shown at LaborGras, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Sophiensaele, Tanztage Berlin, Staatstheater Saarbrücken and other theaters. Since 2005 she is teaching dance in schools and initiating performance projects with children and teenagers in museums. Together with the choreographer Adalisa Menghini she developed a concept for these collaborations. With dance, music and language the kids of a school class explore various exhibitions and create a performance. With 2 projects she got prices at the competition „Kinder zum Olymp!“ in 2009 and 2010.

Jürgen Albert is teaching movement at „Plan B“, a school for geriatric care, and working as a physiotherapist in a praxis in Kreuzberg. He was working at „Spastikerhilfe Berlin e.G.“ from 1999 until 2005. Jürgen Albert started to dance in 1990, focussing on contact improvisation and improvisation, which is influencing his work as a physiotherapist and teacher.