Studio laborgras Open Class

Dynamic System Warm Up

Monday Oct. 23rd - Friday 27th
10:00 - 11:00 with David Hernandez
For this warm up the fee is 5,-
For this week class cards are not usable.
Please Note:
Do to our premiere coming up on Nov. 2nd there will be no Classes in the Week of Oct. 30th and Nov. 6th.

Fee Open Classes:

Open Class costs 8€ you can also buy a ten class card for 70€.

Dynamic System Warm Up

is an all inclusive physical experience. Drawing on my beginnings as a HipHopper, go-go boy and social dancer I developed an aerobic non-stop dance session that gets the heart rate going while working rhythm and opening the body through moving. I serve as the guide through this hour plus process as we improvise around simple yet specific modules that I will teach and explain beforehand to some great beats from today and yesteryear. We take the energy of a night out in the club and fuse it with some contemporary dance know-how to create an experience that is both fun and works the body in specific and beneficial ways. We will pull from the roots of social dances ranging from HipHop, Pop and Lock, Salsa, African, et al and borrow qualities each can offer! The main rules - don't stop til you get enough and enjoy!
David Hernandez, born in Miami, Florida, studied Studio Music & Jazz and Opera at the University of Miami and Dance at the New World School of the Arts. Subsequently he moved to New York to work as an apprentice at the Trisha Brown Dance Company and began to research with Meg Stuart. He left New York to follow Meg Stuart to Belgium to help begin the company Damaged Goods where he worked for almost seven years as a dancer and collaborator.

David remained in Europe basing himself in Brussels where he continued creating his own work in the form of dance performances, installations, happenings and many other sorts of multidisciplinary projects for over twenty years. Next to his own projects he continued performing and collaborating with many other artists such as LaborGras, Brice Leroux, Anouk Van Dijk, Michel Debrulle as well as directing, performing and researching as an improviser with artists such as Steve Paxton & Katie Duck, among many others. He was one of the three initiators of the improvisation project Crash Landing along with Christine De Smedt and Meg Stuart.

David participated in a choreographic collaboration with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker for many years for projects including "Zeitung", "Keeping Still" and "D’un Soir un Jour" and danced and sang in the production "Cesena", which premiered at the Avignon Festival in 2011.

As a pedagogue, David gives classes and workshops worldwide while maintaining a position as a main teacher at P.A.R.T.S. since 1995. Previously he developed and managed his own education program, PEP (The Performance Education Program) for several years in the framework of Klapstuk festival in Leuven, Belgium, where he was also in residence.

David continues to work as a singer and joined the early music vocal group Graindelavoix, led by Bjorn Smelzer and Reve d'Elephant Orchestra jazz band, performing in concerts, recording discs and touring with several different projects as a musician.

David continues creating his own work within the organisation dh+, David Hernandez and collaborators, whose most recent performances, "For Movement’s Sake", "Hullabaloo" and "Sketches on Scarlatti" are presently touring. In addition he is doing commissioned work as a guest choreographer for several companies including "The Devil’s Garden" for Zagreb Dance Company, and new creations for Susanne Linke’s Company in Trier, Germany and a new Creation for Skanes Dance Company and the Malmö Opera in 2018.