Claudia Garber

Studio LaborGras presents Claudia Garbe

Into/Out of Landscape

June 9th till 11th, 2011 at 20:00

Tickets: 12 Eur / 08 Eur*
*sliding scale/ pay what you can afford


Ticketreservation: 030-695 051 83



Into/Out of Landscape

A search for the movement between body and landscape.

Choreography/Dance: Claudia Garbe
Space/ Dramaturgy: Ingolf Watzlaw
Photography: Christin Müller
Outside Eye: Martin Nachbar
Light: Wassan Ali


Supported by the “Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senat”.
Special thanks to HfS “Ernst Busch”, Berlin and Critical Path, Sydney.


Into/Out of a Landscape
In her solo "Into/Out of Landscape", the choreographer Claudia Garbe is working with the correlation of body and landscape, exploring movement and states that emerge out of shifting relations between the body and the space.
Let's assume we perceive the space in which we are as a landscape. What makes this landscape different from others? Is our body a part of this landscape? Or is the body its own landscape?
Into/Out of Landscape is an examination of the shifts in attention between body and space, through dance, creating new perspectives on the landscape.


Claudia Garbe works and lives as a free choreographer in Berlin. She studied choreography (MA) at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst“Ernst Busch“/HZT. Her work „Into/Out of Landscape“ continues a long term research about body and landscape, which has started with her masterpiece „zwischenzwei.fluss“ and afterwards carried on as a solo research in Berlin and at Critical Path in Sydney 2010.