Interplay Dance Intensive at Studio laborgras - with Andrea Hackl

Interplay Dance Intensive with Andrea Hackl

Friday June 2nd, 11:00 - 15:30
Saturday June 3rd, 11:00 - 15:30
Sunday June 4th, 11:00 - 15:30
One-day: 40,-
Two-days: 75,-
All three days: 100,-
To reserve a place, please, transfer the payment of the first day.
Payment made to Andrea Hackl – ING Amsterdam
bank details: IBAN NL20INGB0009580544 + BIC/SWIFT: INGBNL2A
For further information on registration & payment please visit

The intensive will be structured in the following way

short break

Part #1 - Masterclass
Activation / Fine Tuning of Body and Perception.
We will go for an energetic warm up. At the start, the focus will lay more on technical work. Utilizing contemporary technique (working on the floor as well as standing) and methods of body work as well as Yoga, we will put an emphasize on the use of weight and momentum. Approaching movement from a place of impulse, allowing and guiding / sending.

My class is very physical and offers a playground to challenge and hopefully surprise ourselves. Movement, be it floor work or standing material, is approached as directing and streaming an energetic flow, respecting a natural trajectory and alignment. This allows us to be energetic and, as well, to gain speed, if so wished, in the most enjoyable, efficient, organic as well as healthy way – be it in minimal or expanded movements flying through and eating the space.

As much as I love the clarity of lines, my work is never about creating “shapes”. It focuses on weight and the stream of breath as generators of movement; on how to utilize these in an ongoing interplay between release, recovery and a conscious act of directing. In this work, I wish to offer a set framework to explore ways to activate and fully reconnect to our agile and powerful body.”

Part #2 - Dialogue & Instant Composition
1) use of principles from the masterclass around momentum and weight to work on composition and improvisation. We will take the work and exploration into a co-creative dialogue with the other dancers and space as well as music. Space can be seen like a substance that is connecting us, that is constantly being compressed or expanded, never seizing to connect us. We will work with this awareness.
2) explore themes relating to the performance WILD HORSE RUN.

Andrea Hackl is based in Austria and the Netherlands. She works as choreographer, dancer and teacher as well as video artist. Her work cherishes the power and poetry of dance, its physicality & is, most of all, a celebration of life. She has danced with companies & choreographers like Emanuel Gat Dance, United- C, Cascade Dance Theater, Suzy Blok & Fabian Chyle and toured major venues and festivals world-wide. Currently she's touring with a production by Jasper van Luijk @ KORZO Productions (The Hague / Nl) and performing her own work WILD HORSE RUN. She has tought at various festivals and studios across Europe, US and Asia.

As Choreographer and dancer, she’s inspired by cross-pollination & interdisciplinary work, by seeing how different fields can nourish and enrich one another. Her understanding of dance & movement got formed, enriched and deepened by conventional techniques as much as somatic and sensorial work. Andrea cherishes improvisation with musicians and has produced work in collaboration with scientists, mostly addressing the subject of human-nature relationships. Over the last years Andrea Hackl has produced various performances as well as films, presented in Europe, US and Asia and has been exploring the medium of installation and hybrid installation performances.