LaborGras - Inside Partita

Inside Partita

Premiered on June 11th 2013, 21:00

further Performances where on:
June 12th, 21:00
June 13th, 21:00

St. Elisabethkirche
Invalidenstraße 3
in Berlin-Mitte

Continuing the trend toward remixing classics in modern contexts, musician and dramaturg Folkert Uhde – co-founder of Radialsystem V – along with composer Fabian Russ and choreographer Renate Graziadei brings Bach’s powerful violin partitas into a new context. The installation format blends stage and seating, immersing the musician, dancer and audience in the music, while 21st-century technology allows for the manipulation of resonance throughout the church-turned-venue.


Barockvioline Midori Seiler
Choreography & Performance Renate Graziadei / laborgras
Composition, Electronic & Sound Concept Fabian Russ
Choreography & Dramaturgy Arthur Stäldi / laborgras
Idea & Dramaturgy Folkert Uhde
Costume Chantal Margiotta
Light Installation Lutz Deppe
Sound Engineering Carlo Grippa
Software Egor Poliakov
Technical Direction Arnaud Poumarat


A project of Folkert Uhde in Cooperation with laborgras, RADIALSYSTEM V and the International Orgelwoche Nürnberg - Musica Sacra. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Made in Radialsystem.