Studio laborgras presents - Joerg Hassmann and Chris Aiken - Poetic Instincts

November 28th, 20:00

November 29th, 18:00

Studio laborgras presents

A weekend of Improvisation

Maria Ferrara – dance
Michael Vorfeld – percussion
No Titel
Renate Graziadei - dance
Ulrike Ruf - cello
M. Ferrara & R. Graziadei – dance
Michael Vorfeld – percussion
Ulrike Ruf - cello
Tickets: 10/5 sliding scale
Ticketreservation: 030 69505183

A weekend of Improvisation

two evenings of Dance & Music Improvisation rooted in real time composition

María Ferrara set off from text-theatre and changed course towards movement, dance, voice, clowning and devising. Her parallel training and work as a yoga and Gestalt facilitator stimulated a curiosity for the here-and-now and she moved to Berlin in 2014 to pursue improvisation as performance. Since then she has collaborated with performers, musicians and video artists in Madrid, London and Berlin while continuing to develop her solo work.

(Photo: Elma Riza)

Michael Vorfeld, musician and visual artist, based in Berlin, plays percussion and self designed stringed instruments and realises electro-acoustic sound pieces. He works in the field of experimental, improvised music and sound art. He realises site-specific installations and performances with light and sound, works with photography and film. Besides his solo activities he is a member of various ensembles and collaborates with artists who work in many different art forms. His list of activities includes numerous concerts, performances and exhibitions in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. (Photo: Roselynne Titaud)

Ulrike Ruf works as a musician, author and director combining the worlds of contemporary music, performance and theatre. The experience she has gained from working with these different genres led her to unconventional, interdisciplinary music theatre, where she combines sound, language and video with precise but minimalistic choreography.

Born in Berlin she studied violoncello at the Hochschule für Musik ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin with Michael Sanderling and Joseph Schwab.

She played regularly with the Konzerthaus Orchester Berlin, performed as a soloist and with several chamber ensembles and orchestras in Germany, for example at the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival, the Maerzmusic Festival and toured several other European countries.

A significant moment in her professional career was the encounter with Johann Kresnik and his choreographical theatre. For his productions “BSE – Garten der Lüste” and “Picasso” at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, she was engaged as cellist and actor/performer. She experienced Kresnik’s unique stage language with his radical ways of expression and also had the opportunity to develop her parts in cooperation with the director.

In the piece “Mexotica 2002”, she performed together with the Mexican-American performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and gave her first free improvised cello performance.
Between 2007 and 2009 she participated in the KangKunstBühne with Ruedi Häusermann and Michael Lentz and experimented with different forms of experimental theatre music, sound poetry and text-sound compositions.

As part of the interdisciplinary group Lunalyon, she was nominated for the prize of the jury for their first teamwork performance “Soupversion” at the “Arena Festival…” in 2009 in Erlangen (restaging for 100 Grad 2010 at HAU 2).

In 2010 she was awarded the Elsa-Neumann-Scholarship by the state of Berlin for her research on the music theatre project “SORORI”.  “SORORI” was performed on stage in 2011 in cooperation with the Vocalconsort Berlin as part of the festival Klangwerkstatt Berlin, supported by Berlin’s Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

With Trio XelmYa, an ensemble for contemporary music, she was invited to the festival  “mathias spahlinger at 70” in Chicago (2015).

Currently she is working on a new music theatre project about the Staatssicherheit (Stasi) of the former GDR, in cooperation with the composer Iris ter Schiphorst and the Vocalconsort Berlin.


Renate Graziadei born in Austria, began her dance training in Switzerland. She then went to New York for three years to study, live and work, most notably as a dancer for the Nina Wiener dance company. Upon her return to Europe, she worked with Rui Horta at the S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre Frankfurt and then moved on to the dance group COAX in Hamburg. In the fall of 1994 she established the laborgras collective with Arthur Stäldi. In 1997 and 1998 she received a grant from the danceWEB programme during the ‘International Weeks of Dance’ in Vienna. In 1997 she was additionally profiled in the critic’s survey of the magazine ballet international / tanz aktuell as ‘upcoming female dancer’. Since 1996 she has been teaching contemporary technique regularly in various institutions in Germany and internationally. Since summer 2004 she has been working as rehearsal director for Sasha Waltz & Guests and since 2008 she is also dancing with Sasha Walz & Guests in the projects Jagden & Formen and Metamorphoses. Her longest collaboration has been with the choreographer David Hernandez.

In march 2015 laborgras has received the Kunspreis Berlin and Renate Graziadei was nominated for the German Theater Prize DER FAUST for her achievement in dance in the  production “Transition” (world premiere 2014 at DOCK 11, Berlin). (Photo: Phil Dera)