25.5. - 27.5.12 Studio LaborGras -  A weekend of Improvisation

Friday May 25th, 20:00 h

Friday Evening Improvisation

10 Eur / 05 Eur*
*sliding scale/
pay what you can afford

Maya Lipsker, Vidal Bini, Roy Carroll

Friday Evening Improvisation

Maya Lipsker

Maya Lipsker is a Berlin based choreographer, dancer and teacher who began her independent work in 2004. She has created 16 pieces since then and is highly active as an artist in Germany and Europe. Her work presents narratives, evolved from/by a personal physical language, detailed images and musicality. In the past four years Maya's interest in instant composition/improvisation has developed theoretically and practically, becoming a significant part of her creation process and integrated in her choreography and performance. Her work exists on the border between reality and fantasy while reflecting on radical human conditions related to solitude, environmental impact and relationships. At the same time, the work aims to have a quiet strength, leaving space for poetic resonance and limitless imagination.

Since 2011 Maya formed 'The Instrument' together with her partner Roy Carroll- an open- structured company that stands for their on going collaboration since 2006. ( www.theinstrument.org )

Maya started her professional dance education in Muza Dance Company, Tel Aviv (1997-2000). During that period, she met choreographer Lara Barsacq with whom Maya collaborated for almost six years. (Israel-Paris, 1999–2004). Between 2000-2003 Maya Danced in BatSheva Ensemble. Under the facilities of the BatSheva company Maya created three short pieces (detailed in long CV, attached), and started teaching Gaga for dancers and non-dancers.

Today Maya is leading open movement/dance classes and workshops for dancers of all levels on a regular basis. Her teaching aims to reach far beyond the training of techniques, by constantly encourage an exchange. Her compositional and choreographic methods are strongly integrated and shared in her teaching.


Vidal Bini

Born in France, Vidal studied at the Paris Opera School and at the Superior Conservatory of Paris (CNSMDP). He joined the Ballet de l’Opéra du Rhin in 2000 and became a free lance artist in 2003, working with Felix Ruckert, le Grand Jeu (Louis Ziegler), and lately AmaraouiBurnerProject, S H I F T S / Malgven Gerbes / David Brandstätter and Public in Private / Clément Layes. He also deepens his practice of improvisation with Kirstie Simson. He founded KHZ in 2006. In his choreographic work, Vidal Bini explores improvised somatic and social dynamics, as ways to create meaningful moments of presence in a performance context. In parallel, he also develops collaborations with other artists such as Robert Clark, Michaël d’Auzon, Lorenzo Gleijieses and Olivier Meyer to challenge these practices and achieve a deeper questioning and understanding of the act of performing, looking for other forms of representation.


Roy Carroll

Roy Carroll is a composer / musician, born in Dublin, living in Berlin.
Working with loudspeakers removed from their cabinets, manipulating them and preparing them with various textured materials, resonant containers etc. The loudspeakers function as both acoustic sound sources in their own right and outlet for computer generated / processed audio. Microscopically detailed acoustic recordings, DIY audio accidents, interior field / concrète recordings etc. are source material used within self-designed audio software. Roy's performances are focused on provoking kinetic and acoustic interactions between the loudspeakers, the resonant / textured materials and computer generated / manipulated sound. His compositional work is similarly focused, albeit with shifted formal and temporal foci. Roy has collaborated extensively with choreographer Maya Lipsker, creating ten pieces together in the last five years. They have just formed The Instrument, a vehicle for producing and presenting their future collaborative work. Composition studies with Roger Doyle and Donnacha Dennehy. M-Phil from Trinity College Dublin. roycarroll.com